JA-YE Europe 18th Company of the Year Competition 2007 in Berlin

Pictures from the JA-YE Europe 18th Company of the Year Competition 2007. The competition took place in Berlin, Germany in the days July 26-29th 2007.

The pictures have been divided into categories for a better overview.
The pictures from the Event-Team are captured between July 24th-31st, following the Event-Team(mostly alumnis) during preparation and kick-off events.

The winner was Deutsch Macht Spaß from Ireland.
More info about the competition can be found at JUNIOR Projekt

If you would like any of the pictures feel free to send me an e-mail.

Event-Team // General
Event-Team // Bowling

Beachvolley // Icebreaking in Beach Mitte
Atmosphere // Arriving-Preparing-Relaxing-Networking
Stands // Most of the competing countries
German Night // German Night with German dinner and comedy
Galla Dinner // Announcing the winners

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